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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy means a "Fresh Start"! Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a liquidation where the trustee collects all of your assets and sells any assets which are not exempt.

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Filing for Bankruptcy is not only a difficult decision to make, it can be a difficult process to navigate alone! Let The Massie Law Firm be your personal experts to filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy.
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Even though the word "Bankruptcy" can be overwhelming, it can also allow you to keep your home, car, personal belongings, and retirement! Many discharges are allowed under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and the team at The Massie Law Firm is here to guide you the whole way. Don't panic or worry, call The Massie Law Firm and see what we can do for you today!
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Discharges Allowed in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Credit Cards
  • Medical Bills
  • Signature loans
  • Payday loans
  • Collection agency
  • Overdrafts
  • Repossession of vehicles and homes
Discharges NOT Allowed in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Secured debts that the debtor wants to keep (including your house and vehicle note)
  • Some taxes
  • Student loans
  • Child support
  • Criminal restitution obligation
Property Allowed to Keep in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  • Keep your home
  • Car
  • Personal belongings
  • Retirement