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At the Massie Law Firm, we know that traffic incidents happen! Whether it's a DUI, DWI, or a simple traffic violation we are here to make sure you know your rights and to argue your case effectively!


In addition to significant fines that you will pay outright, conviction for a DUI or DWI can result in license suspension, increased insurance rates, and a negative effect on background checks. The situation can be even more catastrophic if you are a CDL (commercial driver's license) holder. This being the case, it's is VERY important that you not immediately plead guilty and pay the fine! Depending on the circumstances surrounding your charge, we may be able to mitigate consequences or even reach an outright dismissal.
Traffic Violations

Whether it's a speeding violation or a case of reckless driving our expert team here at the Massie Law firm is here to help you address your legal situation. Our experience team has helped many clients keep their licenses, reduce fines, and avoid driving school. So, whether you've been ticketed for speeding, running a stop sign, not having insurance, or anything else, we can help you minimize the consequences of your citation.
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